Summer Vision Board

Every so often I take out my favorite magazines, and start clipping out images that inspire me. It is a little project that I did with my mom growing up, and it brings back a sense of nostalgia. Because I am stuck inside, I have a lot of things that I am looking forward to. My board is about the California Summer I am eager to get started.

Vision boards can have a range of meaning. Some are used to set goals for ourselves, others to get us excited for an upcoming trip. They can be recipe focused, with dishes you are planning to make for the month. Or maybe you have a fascination with vintage cars, but can’t afford to be a collector. Whatever you choose, go grab some old magazines and start forming your collage. This is also a great art piece to hang in your work space. It gives you the chance to tell your story and dreams to houseguests.

If you are lucky enough to spend Mother’s Day with your momma, this could be a really fun activity to do together! Love you Mom!

Container Store is having a sale on these Linen Bulletin Boards:

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