Fresh Summer Outfit for under $50

I am a sucker for a classic sundress. I find them to be flattering on any body type, and the comfiest staple in my own closet. Once again, I am a woman on a budget. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional splurge! But sometimes you want a fun new outfit without breaking the bank. So I turned to an old favorite, Forever 21.

Trends that have caught my eye recently are basket materials, muted greens, and classic silhouettes with a modern twist. I love accessories, so I found the earrings and bag first. The basket weave design with the pop of pink in the earrings, gave me 60’s Slim Aaron vibes. The basket bag felt whimsy, and something I could easily pair with other outfits. The price for both…$26!!

Maxi dresses like the one I chose can be very forgiving, which makes ordering them online much easier. For one, I didn’t have to worry about the length (short short dresses are the bane of my existence). The pattern on the dress has a sophisticated look with it’s simple color scheme of cream and pale green. Now the only things I had to wait and find out about were overall fit and the feel of the material. The dress has the same feel and fit as some of my $200 dresses, for a price tag of $20! After that success, I shamelessly went and ordered one more sundress from Forever.

Let me know some of your favorite budget fashion finds in the comments.

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