Wedding Wednesday: Holding onto our Italian Honeymoon

Italy is the epitome of Romance, which is why after researching destinations for months, Chris and I decided it would be perfect for our honeymoon. Neither of us had been, which I thought would make the experience even more special. We are just a couple of days away from our original date, and I get a little teary eyed thinking about it. Italy has been so battered by this virus in so many ways, one of them being their tourism focused economy. We chose to keep our honeymoon in Italy, by postponing it to late October. We can’t wait to experience the beautiful culture, sights, and food!

When planning a honeymoon, it is best to choose a place where the activities align with both the bride and groom’s wants. For instance, Chris is a huge daredevil and I am the complete opposite. Maybe one day we will go on a trip filled with scuba diving and bungee jumping, but not for our honeymoon. Our shared love is food, history, and beaches. Italy strives at all of them, so it felt like a no-brainer.

Budget-wise, I truly believe that you can make any destination work. You may think Europe or Asia is out of reach because of the cost of plane tickets. However, these two destinations have an abundance of budget friendly accommodations. If you want a true cultural experience, staying at a smaller bed and breakfast could be your best option. While I was traveling in Europe during college, I was obviously on a tight budget. That being said, my favorite places I have EVER stayed at were the Airbnbs or small boutique hotels. Most cost me around $100 a night! If you want a 5-star experience on a smaller budget, I highly recommend Mexico. Mexico offers something for everyone. If you want a stay filled with historic buildings, amazing views, and luxury hotels; go with San Miguel de Allende. Big on the beach and relaxing? Go with Cancun or Tulum. If you are on the adventurous side, Puerto Vallarta is a great option.

Here are a few hotel recommendations I have for a budget-friendly honeymoon or just a couple’s getaway: Clandestino in San Miguel de Allende (personally stayed here and wow, it was the most beautiful little boutique hotel right in the middle of town!), Hotel Lungarno in Florence, Grand Miramar in Puerto Vallarta, Torel Palace in Lisbon, Portugal, The Bellevue Resort in Bohol, Philippines.

Comment your best honeymoon advice or your favorite destinations below!

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