Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Dress

My bridal style is the same as the style of my wedding; romantic, glamorous, and classic. I wanted my dress to carry on the overall feel of the florals and decor. At this point, you likely have a design idea and budget set aside for your dress. And if you do, this helps make dress shopping more about narrowing down to the perfect dress, instead of narrowing down to what style or fit you want.

I was approached by a friend from college pretty early on about the idea of her designing and making my dress. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Leading up to her asking, I had spent hours searching for a specific shape and fabric. I either ran into dead ends of finding nothing, or the dresses I did love were twice my budget. Hannah’s company is called Heirloom Bridal. Even though she was across the country, she made the entire experience seamless. I got to pick everything from the lace to the beading. It was a special process that I would recommend to anyone, because when it finally arrived…it was the dress of my dreams! To have that much say over what I am going to wear on the most important day of my life, made the experience even more meaningful. She also provided a lot of professional guidance along the way, if you aren’t sure where to start.

If you would rather have multiple options to try, I would recommend doing some research through movies, magazines, and Pinterest. Pick a few shapes that speak to you, and have pictures of those ready to go to bridal salons. When you call bridal salons, make sure to let them know your budget. You don’t want to go to a very high end salon and get tempted, when you cannot afford those dresses. Daydream online all day, but trying on dresses is time consuming for you and the staff, so make sure it is a place you can see yourself finding something reasonable. That doesn’t mean you have to feel pressured to buy! It is completely normal to make appointments at a couple of places. On their websites, they usually have the designers listed. It would be smart to make note of that, to be most efficient with your time.

When it comes to who you should bring for trying on dresses…to be honest, less is more! Overall, I designed my dress without any advice from family or friends. I am a very decisive person, and I also didn’t want anyone shooting down an idea that I really liked. But if having your best friend or Mom around helps you make better decisions, then bring them along. You should probably keep it to people you would typically get fashion advice from, because they know what is most flattering on you while also understanding your personal style. I did have my Mom and Mother-in-Law watch me try on my dress once it arrived. It was such a positive experience that built my confidence and made me fall even more in love with my dress. So if you are nervous about too many opinions at try-ons, think about just bringing people along for the final fitting.

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