My Ikea Picks for Summer Organizing

After spending months at home, I began to realize how unorganized my home really was. Sure I found solutions here and there, but it was not streamlined. I have also began baking weekly, so I needed more storage for all of my ingredients.

I live in a small space, so I knew Ikea would offer me exactly what I needed, for a reasonable price. All of the items I found were under $20 a piece (the watering can is only $1.99!). To make sure I didn’t go overboard, I went to each cabinet and counted how many boxes I would need. It is always safe to get an extra box or two, because no one realizes how much space things actually take up. I thought the gray baskets would be perfect for sunglasses or socks. Shoes also tend to pile up in our closets, so these stackable shoe racks should help us keep things tidy.

The glass jars and cake stand are probably my favorite things from this round up! A classic biscotti jar and display of home cooked goodies makes even the blandest kitchen look like a bakery shop. I plan on putting all of my dry ingredients in the jars and placing them across an awkward low wall (keeps me from placing clutter there). I am using the white boxes in my pantry currently; I am thinking about buying some more to put in my fridge, to keep different snacks separated.

Comment your favorite organization tips!

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