Books from Amazon for an Inviting Entry Table

Having a small space, I realized every design choice I make needs to be useful and something I truly love. There is a lot less room for error, because small spaces start to feel cluttered very quickly. I know that I will soon (very soon!) be moving into a bigger home, and thought interesting coffee table books would be a good investment. I am growing my collection because they are great filler pieces in any room. To be honest, some of my books are the star piece!

The books I am drawn to, bring up a lot of nostalgia of my childhood. My mom always had Traditional Home or Southern Living magazines laying around. I am an old soul when it comes to design, so classic and cottage styles are what I lean towards. Books are a great reflection of your personal style to guests in your home. I love walking into someone’s home and seeing a interior design or recipe book, and usually immediately ask if I can look at it! It is an inviting staple everyone should have a small or large collection of.

Below are the links to the books I have purchased from Amazon:

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