Living Room Tour: Organic Modern

You have probably seen “organic modern” everywhere lately in design, and there is a good reason. It is a pretty seamless way of blending modern and classic looks, while embracing an earthy color palette. I still love my pops of color and vibrant patterns, but a wanted my living room to feel grounded and warm. I didn’t buy a ton of new things, which is why I always recommend steering away from super trendy pieces (but you do you!). My biggest recent purchase for the room was this rug, an exact La Messina Rug from McGee and Co. dupe, for $140 less. I also bought the solid wood coffee table and two side chairs from Facebook Marketplace, for less than $250 (my new addiction). My aim was to have an imperfectly perfect, lived-in, living room.

Though the overall design trend I followed is very popular, I made sure that I put my personal touch on it. I don’t want my home to look just like everyone else’s. So I have slowly been adding items that bring me joy. When you are shopping for accessories, stop and ask yourself “Do I actually like this or do I just keep seeing it all over Insta and Pinterest?” and “If my design style evolves, will this piece be staying with me?”. Start looking for coffee table books you will actually read, as well as your guests. Also, you cannot go wrong with a yummy smelling candle, that gives off that inviting glow. Not trying to sound snooty! Design is hard, but everyone has underlying creativity being wasted on trying to copy others. Using other’s designs as guides or inspo, is a fantastic way to get started.

A few unique items I added were these adorable blush bud vases (pictured below, top left shelf). Kiln n’ It is a small business owned by a woman from my hometown of Houston. I happened upon her Instagram, after a floral business I love in Austin reposted a piece of pottery. There is something so beautiful about the whole process of pottery, and knowing how it is made. The owner now has an Etsy. But she does do custom orders through Insta! Her pottery is eco-friendly, which is another plus in these days of moving away from mass production that causes so much pollution. I sincerely cannot wait to order another piece soon!

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