My Finished Black and White (and cream) Kitchen

One of the most satisfying feelings is seeing my design come to life. I have been shopping for my kitchen pieces as soon as we went into escrow, because this is going to be the most used room in the house. Seriously, Chris and I cook atleast 4-5 nights a week. The size is what gets me most excited, because compared to our apartment kitchen, it is massive! So now I won’t be stuck in a tiny corner trying to make biscuits (I do not recommend).

The colors they chose for the cabinets, counters, and fixtures were great because they gave me a lot of freedom to bring in my own style. Surprisingly, I went with more neutral colors. I promise y’all that other parts of my home will have color, but this was another room that I didn’t need to be fussy. Although, I see that my vase on the island needs some pretty green branches to dress it up.

The kitchen has an overall traditional feel, and I wanted to incorporate some contemporary flair. The lights and barstools were inexpensive ways to accessorize the kitchen. Since we are not going to update the appliances for a couple of years, I needed a way to make the kitchen feel modern. Honestly, this kitchen fits my style because I will never fully embrace only modern or traditional design.

And yes, that is my SimpliSafe base in the corner. I was not willing to unplug it for the pictures, though I know others may cringe at the sight. This is real life people!

The links to my kitchen items can be found in this post: My Black and White Kitchen Pieces

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