On The Hunt: Globally Inspired Home

Decorating a new home takes time. Even though I have my living room done, the other rooms still need a few pieces to really bring them together. I have told myself that I will not just buy things to fill spaces. I would rather take my time and get items that I absolutely love.

Style-wise, I feel like my home is leaning old world Spanish with a big dose of LA eclectic. Layered and warm, with bits of turquoise, yellow, and pink. To get both, you need to be smart about what you want to be new and what you want to be antique. Antique furniture is amazing because you are usually getting solid wood pieces for a lower price than a brand new piece that is partially particle board (even the most expensive brands do this). Facebook Marketplace and First Dibs are good online resources for looking for antiques. However, I am so excited to start exploring the plethora of antique stores in SoCal. For new pieces, solely because of price, I look for art prints and textiles. I lean modern when it comes to my art tastes, some of my favorites include Matisse and Picasso. I certainly do not have a a bank account that supports these tastes, so that is where prints come in. HypeSheriff has some beautiful prints from modernist artists.

Pieces I am on the lookout for are a large antique dining table, a woven bench for the end of my bed, Moroccan inspired textiles for our office, an antique wood mirror for our bathroom, handmade Spanish pottery, and a fountain for our backyard. These could all be big ticket items, so I am hoping that taking my time will help me find everything at a bargain price. If you are in the SoCal area, please let me know of any great antique stores or dealers!

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