Luxe Halloween Tablescape Using Dollar Tree Accents

When it comes to Halloween decor, I love items that are spooky and nostalgic. I try not to go overboard with seasonal decorating in every nook and cranny of my home. Instead, I like to play up those accents in areas where I entertain. I have staple Halloween decor that I can use over and over, in reimagined ways every year. HomeGoods has beautiful and affordable table linens. I snagged this spider web tablecloth for only $12! I still wanted to add some fun to the table, so I turned to the Dollar Tree.

Candles immediately elevate a look, and the Dollar Tree has so many votive options. Those mercury votives that look like they are from Anthro? Only a dollar! The Dollar Tree also has a ton of spider webs and mummy cloth to build layers and add texture to your table. I wanted to make use of my chandelier, so I quickly wrapped it, giving me a Haunted Mansion look. Next I grabbed a pack of glittery spiders and googly eyes to sprinkle around, and give the table a whimsical feel. Finally, I picked up a TON of Halloween candy. They have this amazing berry cotton candy, which I thought helped fill the bowls perfectly. It’s a cute and simple way to incorporate candy into a dinner party, everyone can just snack and chat. Aside from the dishes and cutlery, I spent around $25. Never be discouraged by a small budget. I hope this inspires you to host a seasonal dinner party soon!

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