Classic Halloween Decor

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be dark, colorful, or even obvious. My favorite way to incorporate seasonal decor, is by subtly placing pieces I love. You do not have to tell a story! Unless you are throwing a party, you don’t need to replace all of your stuff with a coordinated display. I like to store minimal holiday decor, so I gravitate towards organic items that I can toss at the end of the season or small evocative pieces.

One of the first things I reach for when September hits, are small white pumpkins and fall florals. These are easy ways to transition your bookshelves or consoles to Fall, with no need for storage space. Another space saving idea, is using prints. I adore vintage Halloween photography, so I found images online, downloaded them, and printed them through Shutterfly. If you are worried about copyright issues, the MET has a huge selection of copyright free art for download. Every year, I buy cob webs or mummy cloth from the Dollar Tree or Michaels, to add an eerie touch to my faux plants.

The rest of my Halloween decor comes from HomeGoods or Target. These are typically where I find my staple pieces I use every year, such as candles, fabric pumpkins, and blankets.

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