October Had A Party

As an October baby, Fall is when I feel most grounded and inspired. It is the beginning of a season of gathering, which is something we need even more this year. Halloween and Thanksgiving are no doubt going to look very different this year, but I am sure the ingenuity in us will shine. I cherish time with my loved ones even more, which motivates me to put my best foot forward when it comes to preparing my home for an intimate get-together.

My hope is that this year, we go all out for the holiday season. This is not the year for shaming people out of decorating early. Go make your home feel as cheerful and warm as possible (please post pictures).

Here are some ideas to make the Fall season feel just as festive as ever:

  1. Host a virtual dinner party where everyone tries a new meal or cocktail recipe. You can each talk about what inspired the meal. Ex: That cider in Hocus Pocus that we all wanted to taste growing up…make that into a cocktail!
  2. Decorate your porch. If you don’t feel the need to decorate your interiors, because the lack of guests coming over, put that energy into your porch. I promise you, your neighbors will appreciate it. Have you ever noticed how if one person skips holiday decor, the whole neighborhood decides to skip as well? Maybe you will inspire others to get into the Fall spirit!
  3. Do a Halloween themed egg hunt instead of Trick or Treating. I have a feeling there will be a ton of plastic cauldrons sitting unattended on porches this year. So if you have little ones, why not do a spooky backyard egg hunt? I am fully supportive of using the cheesiest decor possible, cue the spider webs, fog machine, and plastic pumpkins!
  4. Plan a future Fall trip. This is the time to hone your travel planning skills. No, it may not be the smartest idea to go ahead and book something, but you can still plan. Pick your ultimate Fall destination, plan your wardrobe, start saving for that luxe hotel. Here’s some ideas to get you started: San Miguel de Allende for Day of the Dead, New Orleans for Halloween, Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.

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