My Go-To Home Scents

Candles are the household item I buy most often. You know those banking apps that track your spending? Well, if they broke it down by category, my spending would be 10% on candles every month. All joking aside, the scents you put in your home are so important. The smell of your home tends to be what people remember the most. Growing up, all of my friends said my house smelled like old wood and clean laundry…I never understood until I moved away! Now everytime I visit my mom, the scent of her home makes me feel so comforted.

The scents I lean towards tend to be tropical or woody, but not in the way you expect. I love an undertone of coconut, but I don’t necessarily want it to be the main scent profile. Instead I enjoy base scents of patchouli, jasmine, and citrus. All of those scents marry to create an ambiance of a far away island (aka my dream life). Everyone has different tastes, but if there are any candles I can recommend to you blindly and know you will love them, it would be these…

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