Luxe Halloween Tablescape Using Dollar Tree Accents

When it comes to Halloween decor, I love items that are spooky and nostalgic. I try not to go overboard with seasonal decorating in every nook and cranny of my home. Instead, I like to play up those accents in areas where I entertain. I have staple Halloween decor that I can use over andContinue reading “Luxe Halloween Tablescape Using Dollar Tree Accents”

McGee and Co. Dupes

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE McGee and Co. Every once and a while I splurge and buy a piece from them. Most of the time I am on a much tighter budget, and I need their signature modern and textured looks for HomeGoods’ prices. I also feel like McGee and Co.-esque homes are well…everywhere.Continue reading “McGee and Co. Dupes”

Lake Tahoe Trip: Camping is my Forte

Camping has really become a fascination of mine since moving to California. And I don’t mean glamping, or even the luxury of having a camper. I like camping as simple as possible; tent, fire, and enough peanut butter to sustain me for 3 days. When it’s simple, you spend less time setting up or breakingContinue reading “Lake Tahoe Trip: Camping is my Forte”

On The Hunt: Globally Inspired Home

Decorating a new home takes time. Even though I have my living room done, the other rooms still need a few pieces to really bring them together. I have told myself that I will not just buy things to fill spaces. I would rather take my time and get items that I absolutely love. Style-wise,Continue reading “On The Hunt: Globally Inspired Home”

My Finished Black and White (and cream) Kitchen

One of the most satisfying feelings is seeing my design come to life. I have been shopping for my kitchen pieces as soon as we went into escrow, because this is going to be the most used room in the house. Seriously, Chris and I cook atleast 4-5 nights a week. The size is whatContinue reading “My Finished Black and White (and cream) Kitchen”

Living Room Tour: Organic Modern

You have probably seen “organic modern” everywhere lately in design, and there is a good reason. It is a pretty seamless way of blending modern and classic looks, while embracing an earthy color palette. I still love my pops of color and vibrant patterns, but a wanted my living room to feel grounded and warm.Continue reading “Living Room Tour: Organic Modern”