Past Trips: Reflecting on Yosemite

National Parks have become an obsession of mine, after my visit to Yosemite in August 2018 with Chris’ family (my fiancĂ©). Driving into Yosemite Valley is something out of a dream, with pictures only doing partial justice. Since this was our first trip and the massive size of Yosemite would take years to explore, weContinue reading “Past Trips: Reflecting on Yosemite”

Shelf Design: Getting Started

 Shelves have become a way for us to display our collections from our travels, family heirlooms, books, and our latest finds. It is also an affordable way to spruce up a room, since you have many of these items stored away. Dust them off and start telling a story! It is hard to nail downContinue reading “Shelf Design: Getting Started”