Coral and Floral Summer Dress for under $30

I never thought it would feel humid and balmy in Los Angeles, but June Gloom has proven me wrong. Mind you, it has nothing on Texas heat and humidity! As soon as weather like this rolls in, I quickly turn to lightweight dresses. Shorts and humidity do not mix well for me. Growing up, IContinue reading “Coral and Floral Summer Dress for under $30”

My Favorite Summer Swimsuits and Accesories

Our pool is finally open! And even better, you need a reservation which means we typically have it all to ourselves (trying to see the silver-linings here). I had my new Turkish beach towels and Yeti wine cup ready and waiting for this day! This Summer I have found so many retro and feminine swimsuits.Continue reading “My Favorite Summer Swimsuits and Accesories”

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Dress

My bridal style is the same as the style of my wedding; romantic, glamorous, and classic. I wanted my dress to carry on the overall feel of the florals and decor. At this point, you likely have a design idea and budget set aside for your dress. And if you do, this helps make dressContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Dress”

White Linen Dress for $50

Linen is a classic and long lasting material. It is a material I look for in every aspect of my life from bedding to blouses. I love how breathable it is, making it the perfect fabric for a muggy Summer afternoon. It can be pricey, so when I found this puff sleeve white dress forContinue reading “White Linen Dress for $50”

Fresh Summer Outfit for under $50

I am a sucker for a classic sundress. I find them to be flattering on any body type, and the comfiest staple in my own closet. Once again, I am a woman on a budget. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional splurge! But sometimes you want a fun new outfit without breaking theContinue reading “Fresh Summer Outfit for under $50”