Lake Tahoe Trip: Camping is my Forte

Camping has really become a fascination of mine since moving to California. And I don’t mean glamping, or even the luxury of having a camper. I like camping as simple as possible; tent, fire, and enough peanut butter to sustain me for 3 days. When it’s simple, you spend less time setting up or breakingContinue reading “Lake Tahoe Trip: Camping is my Forte”

Wedding Wednesday: Holding onto our Italian Honeymoon

Italy is the epitome of Romance, which is why after researching destinations for months, Chris and I decided it would be perfect for our honeymoon. Neither of us had been, which I thought would make the experience even more special. We are just a couple of days away from our original date, and I getContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Holding onto our Italian Honeymoon”

Past Trips: Reflecting on Yosemite

National Parks have become an obsession of mine, after my visit to Yosemite in August 2018 with Chris’ family (my fiancĂ©). Driving into Yosemite Valley is something out of a dream, with pictures only doing partial justice. Since this was our first trip and the massive size of Yosemite would take years to explore, weContinue reading “Past Trips: Reflecting on Yosemite”