Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Dress

My bridal style is the same as the style of my wedding; romantic, glamorous, and classic. I wanted my dress to carry on the overall feel of the florals and decor. At this point, you likely have a design idea and budget set aside for your dress. And if you do, this helps make dressContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Dress”

Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Venue

This week I wanted to share a few pictures of my venue, and reasons why Chris and I chose it. Hopefully this will help you when making a decision on your own venue! Finding your ‘Look’ Understanding your personal style and sticking to it is key here! This goes back to inspiration and narrowing downContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Perfect Venue”

Wedding Wednesday: Holding onto our Italian Honeymoon

Italy is the epitome of Romance, which is why after researching destinations for months, Chris and I decided it would be perfect for our honeymoon. Neither of us had been, which I thought would make the experience even more special. We are just a couple of days away from our original date, and I getContinue reading “Wedding Wednesday: Holding onto our Italian Honeymoon”